A Family-Integrated Reformed Christian Church seeking to connect the unconnected to Christ and together grow to full devotion to Him!
At Christ Covenant Church membership happens within the idea of "covenant". It's an idea that comes from the Ancient Near
East, where covenant was a binding agreement in which covenant members had certain obligations and could expect certain
benefits in return. What makes a covenant different from a simple binding agreement is that covenant implies meaningful
relationship. For example, God covenanted with Noah, with Abram, with the people of Israel at Mt. Sinai, and eventually
brought about a new covenant, available to all through Christ. Through covenant, God continually called people back to the
kind of life he intended for them.

In the Scriptures, covenant meant an agreement that lasted for life. At Christ Covenant we're attempting to use this
meaningful term while recognizing that membership at a local church is often not for life.

Any baptized follower of Christ Jesus and their household is invited to covenant with Christ Covenant Church. By doing so,
you agree to live according to our Core Values, our Purposes, and live a visible expression of these through the Vision and
Mission of Christ Covenant Church.

    1. Be baptized by water
    2. Attend services regularly
    3. Have a heart for the ministry of Christ Covenant Church and support it financially
    4. Believe in the Bible as God’s ultimate authority

Termination of church membership shall result from one of the following:
    1. Death
    2. Transfer to a church of similar belief/doctrine.
    3. Disciplinary action by the elders.** Note: This action could be taken for reasons such as non-attendance or  
       persistent, continued un-Biblical behavior.

Responsibilities & Privileges
A person shall become a member to identify with a local Body of Christ, in this case, Christ Covenant Church. This is an
elder-led congregation; therefore, the responsibility of membership is for ministry, not administrative reasons. Hence,
membership shall not be construed as a governing role, but will be considered for affirmation and information.

Privileges include:
    1. To be part of this local company of believers, receiving the spiritual benefits that proceed from the preaching of
       God’s Word, the worship of the Almighty, the administration of the covenant signs of baptism and communion,
       and the fellowship of other Christians.
    2. To be able to seek the counsel and spiritual advice of the elders.
    3. To participate in church sponsored ministry.
    4. To petition the elders with grievances (as stated in this document).
    5. To vote in any special called family meeting (one vote per household).

Discipline & Restoration
  •   If any member of this church is found not living in accordance with the teachings of the Bible, such member shall be
        admonished by the elders in brotherly love and exhorted to good works (Galatians 6:1; Hebrews 10:24-25). Should
        such a member continue living in sin, the elders shall dismiss such a member from church membership. If such a
        person sincerely repents, he may be readmitted to membership upon approval by the elders.
  •   Members having grievances against one another should prayerfully attempt to be reconciled (Matthew 18:15-17;
        Colossians 3:12-13; Matthew 5:23-25). Should such reconciliation fail, the matter should be brought before the
        elders who shall carefully investigate complaints against members of the church. If they find it necessary, after
        making real efforts to affect proper understanding and restoration, they shall make the decision regarding
        dismissal. No such dismissal shall be made without giving opportunity for a hearing if so desired by the person
        involved. (I Corinthians 6:1-6)
  •   Any member of this church who has not attended the regular services and supported the work of the church with
        some degree of regularity, provided he or she is not hindered by sickness or disability, shall be contacted by the
        elders to ascertain the desire of such persons regarding their church membership.
  •   No accusation shall be brought against an elder or pastor except on the testimony of at least two members. The
        matter shall then be taken up by the elders for investigation and final settlement. (I Timothy 5:19-21)

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